The rampant misuse of arcane power not only altered Athas’s environs, it also birthed numerous abominations. Among these monsters are the burrowing humanoids called hejkins. Hejkins are cures to see beyond the world into a heaving, squirming space filled with nightmares. They draw power from this place and from the twisted primal spirits of the blasted Athasian land.

These diminutive creatures might appear to be crazed monster, but they have a rudimentary culture. They revere the earth and its dark spirits as terrifying and callous forces that nonetheless supply life. Their connection to the earth gives hejkin a hatred of creatures that misuse arcane magic or carve into the earth. They murder spellcasters and miners with glee, taking meat, supplies, and other spoils to their hidden abodes. No creature is safe from the cook fires of hejkins, even other hejkins. The creatures also covet treasure. As long as they don’t have to scar the earth to acquire their spoils, they collect gems and gold.

Hejkin chiefs are relentlessly dominating. They shriek incessant steams of orders in nearly incoherent Dwarven, to which their followers appear oblivious. Even so, combat against the hejkins reveals definite patterns to the tribe’s actions as a result of the chief’s exhortations.

The demented eyes of a hejkin chanter pulse in time to the creature’s babled songs. Although most of the words are unintelligible, a few chilling phrases sometimes break through the madness.

These feral degenerates have no regard for personal safety. When blood flows nearby, they are drawn to it, heedless of any danger.

Lightning discharges about eh body of a hejkin sparker, granting a frenetic aspect to the monster’s movements and ravings. The sparker surrounds itself with enemies, reveling in the shocking currents that arc among them.

Stalkers are some of the most dangerous Hejkin warriors, quickly burrowing through solid stone, using their advantage to discharge blasts of lightning into their victims.


Dark Sun: The Scorched World of Athas EvanMoreau