Green Age

The earliest known age of Athas. Fleeting tales whisper of eras that preceded the Green Age, but no knowledge of such ancient times remains in the world, except perhaps with the sorcerer-kings.

The Green Age is a time in the distant past of Athas when the world was lush and green, rich with water and thronged with cities and realms. There is no doubt that the world was once more than it is today – the evidence of crumbling ruins throughout the desert can be seen by anyone. Ancient bridges span empty watercourses, dilapidated castles sag on hilltops over deserted towns, shrines to vanished gods lie dusty and silent.

The circumstances that ended the Green Age are unclear but the Scrolls of the Sonlinor suggest it ended with the defeat of the Gods by the Primordials during the Dawn War.

During the Green Age, dwarves were less stocky and had massive amounts of hair. Bears were smaller and instead of articulated shells had fur.

Green Age

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