Green Age

The Green Age began when the halfling nature masters used the Dark Lens and the Pristine Tower to drain energy from the sun, turning it from blue to yellow, in order to stop the brown tide destroying the seas.

The Green Age contains several different periods.

The Rebirth
Starting with the use of the Dark Lens, around 14,000 years ago, until the discovery of magic, about 8,000 years ago, the rebirth was a time of growth and prosperity. Under the now yellow sun, new races filled the mountains, forests and fertile valleys, unscathed by the receding waves. Great cities spring up and religions develop worshiping the gods. Psionics develop during this age and nearly all life has some psioinic talent. An unprecedented age of cooperation and standard of living marks this age.

During the Green Age, dwarves were less stocky and had massive amounts of hair. Bears were smaller and instead of articulated shells had fur.

The Time of Magic
About 8,000 years ago, a misshapen pyreen, Rajaat, discovers the principles of magic on Athas and publicly teaches the way of preserving, while secretly researching and teaching the ways of defiling magic to a select group of humans.

The Scrolls of the Sonlinor the Gods battled and were defeated by the Primordials during an event called the Dawn War, which coincided with the Age of Magic.

Around 3,500 years ago, the most powerful of his followers gathered at the Pristine Tower and used the Dark Lens to imbue them with imortality and great power. This process turned the sun from yellow to red and began the Red Age.

Green Age

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