Although descended from creatures said to come from beyond the Gray, Athas’s gith are tribal and savage. The slide into barbarism did not extinguish their mental abilities, however. Combined with their extreme brutality and absolute mercilessness, their power with the Way might even be more dangerous than those of their forebearers.

A gith drone has received special training, isolating it from others of their tribe. The drones that survive this training develop explosive psychic abilities. They rejoin their tribes who have great pride in them.

A gith hobbler practices until it can hit a charging Baazrag in the eye with a javelin from fifty feet away. It is a “trail by blood” that forgives no mistakes. Skilled throwers are welcomed back to the tribe; the rest are left to rot in the wastes.

Gith savages stay mobile, constantly changing their positions as they viciously jab at enemies. They understand battle tactics, having survived the harsh and sometimes fatal lessons of more experience members of the tribe.

This vicious warrior favors an obsidian-tipped spear. It also harbors a dangerous talent with the Way that manifests only when its life is snuffed out by violence.


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