Morg (deceased)

Mul Thunderborn Barbarian


Morg is a Mul, which is a half-dwarf – a race that combines the adaptability of humans with the toughness of dwarves. Most are born into slavery. Rippling with muscle and with hairless skin toughened by the months spent wandering the Ivory Triangle, Morg bears the cruel scars of his oppressive former life all across his back, chest, and face. He wears an eye-patch over his left eye, having lost it during battle. He keeps the Axe of Rkard in a special harness across his back when not in use and a stone handaxe rests at his hip. He has had a suit of armor fashioned from the hide of a tembo and wears it with pride.


Born into a life of servitude int he forest city of Gulg, Morg toiled as a laborer until he was sold to a cruel merchant who also had a weakness for gambling on gladiatorial matches. Impressed with his physical prowess and bored with constantly beating him for imagined shortcomings, she had Morg trained as a gladiator to fight in the local arenas. Little did she know that training him for battle would spell her demise. One night, after watching her beat servant after servant, Morg took matters into his own hands and he cut his merchant-master’s throat while she slept. Fleeing the certain reprisal for his actions, he made his way into the Ringing Mountains, where he encountered other vagabonds living in exile from civilization.

Morg has had many adventures, in which he…

  • helped stop the infamous Wastewalker from continuing his homicidal campaign against all arcane spell casters.
  • helped to discover the Lost Cistern of Aravek to secure a new source of water for Tyr and it’s army.
  • was instrumental in helping to rally factions of Tyr against the invading army of Urik.
  • helped defeat the defiler Yarnath the Skull and recover the Crown of Dust from his fortress Slither.
  • helped to free the village of Kled from the occupying army of Urik, earning the title: Kinght of Kemalok.
  • destroyed the resurrected sorcerer-king Kalak preventing his return to power in the city of Tyr.
  • helped establish the protection of the newly planted Tree of Life by training the dwarves and working to arrange extra protection from the Tyrian Guard.
  • journeyed with Laylon-Ka and eventually returned to Shadow Kalidnay under the rule of Marisol, who dominated him and forced him to be her champion.
  • failed to prevent the transformation of Abalach-Re into a dragon queen.
  • slain while attempting to escape the dungeons of Gulg.

Morg (deceased)

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