Elf Dragon Sorcerer


Gwyn stands out in a crowd, because of her tall elven features, wild hair and charismatic nature. She wears only light traveling wraps that are modified to allow for her dragon wings to emerge. She has several daggers hidden about her person. She is usually accompanied by a small dragonling familiar.


The daughter of Jalek, a moderately wealthy merchant in the Sky Singers tribe, Gwyn led a privileged but uneventful life. Her mother, Marisol, was gifted with the Way and staunchly opposed to arcane magic as was her older sister. Gwyn discovered that her father’s mother was a preserver and threatened to tell her mother if she did not receive training in the arcane arts, for which she had always felt a calling. Her father agreed – both angered and impressed with her bargaining.

She met a mysterious acquaintance of her father while in the city-state of Nibenay and he began to instruct Gwyn in the use of magic, making sure that she learned respect for the life that fuels her magic, something many never understand. Her mentor was killed before he could pass all of his learning onto Gwyn. Determined to find others who could teach her more about preserving magic, she left her tribe behind to forge a new life for herself.

Marisol recently suggested that Gwyn was not the daughter of Jalek, but rather the daughter of the Shadow King. Marisol disappeared shortly after Gwyn and her allies fought her atop the Ziggurat of Kalid-Ma and Gwyn was unable to get any more information.

Gwyn has had many adventures, in which she…

  • helped stop the infamous Wastewalker from continuing his homicidal campaign against all arcane spell casters.
  • got drunk on broy with her friend Jarvix of the Veiled Alliance and woke up the next morning with a headache and a new tattoo.
  • helped to discover the lost Cistern of Aravek to secure a new source of water for Tyr and it’s army.
  • was instrumental in helping to rally factions of Tyr against the invading army of Urik.
  • helped defeat the defiler Yarnath the Skull and recover the Crown of Dust from his fortress Slither.
  • helped to free the village of Kled from the occupying army of Urik.
  • helped establish the protection of the newly planted Tree of Life by the Veiled Alliance of Tyr.
  • survived the city of Moil in her attempt to escape the Gray by using the Shadow Gate.
  • was returned to life by Kira under the guidance of Siemhouk.
  • helped restore the sorcerer-king Nibenay to power following the cataclysm that damaged that city.
  • was slain by Nibenay.
  • was partially restored to life in the Gray by the Zwuun.
  • helped uncover knowledge from the library in Moil about Dregoth’s plans for godhood.
  • destroyed the Astral Engine of Dregoth and escaped the Realm of the Dead Gods.
  • avenged the destruction of the Veiled Alliance in Balic by killing the templar Darian Haraxes
  • traveled to the island of Mytilene where she helped recover the Dark Lens from the giants living there.
  • participated in the restoration of Ul-Athra.
  • helped establish a new headquarters for the Veiled Alliance in Tyr.
  • Confronted Nibeany and learned more history of Athas and Rajaat.
  • Defeated Ul-Athra and Ehwahla in Balic.
  • Partially rejuvenated the sun using the power of the Pristine Tower.


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