Whenever the Gray caresses the natural world, and indelible stain spreads. Darkness bleeds into the land, the sun dims, and the dead rise. Much of Athas has shuddered now and again under the Gray’s touch, and the land sprouts a bountiful harvest of zombies. From the underbelly of Tyr to the ruins of Bodach in the Salt Meres to the Dead Land south of Balic, undead horrors aren’t the villains of make-believe; they are the reality of which Athasians warn their children.

A zombie is the animated corpse of a living creature. Imbued with the barest semblance of life, this shambling horror obeys the commands of its creator, heedless of its own well being.

Ashen Crawlers
The ashen crawlers move along the ceiling (using spider climb) while looking for opportunities to attack vulnerable characters. They climb down the walls only when necessary, and they avoid the sunlit area at all costs

Black Reaver Zombie
Created by when ancient defiling magic vomited the hot sand into Athas as it consumed the souls of the living, darkness emanates from them as they pounce upon their prey.

Cinder Zombie
The kiss of fire preserved these scorched bodies from the elements. As cinder zombies awaken and stand up, their charred bodies rain ash and blackened flesh.

Corruption Corpse
The corruption corpse hurls globs of necrotic matter at living creatures until one or more living creatures close to within melee range, at which point it makes slam attacks.

Feasting Zombie
Flesh calls a feasting zombie form the grave; its instinctive craving from warm muscle between its teeth is more powerful than death. They swarm their foes, sharing the meat and their last action is to take one more taste.

Moilian Zombie
The remains of the common folk of the city of Moil deep in the Gray. Their souls were poisoned by the eternal darkness into which their city was cast. They act with a sense of strategy abnormal in other lumbering undead.

These creatures have retained a shred of cunning and fight more intelligently than other zombies. They possess the ability to mimic the living, including the power of speech, although the deception does not usually last long. In combat they gain strength from feasting on the blood of their foes.

Salt Zombie
Crusted with salt, these zombies grapple with their foes and drain the fluids from their bodies.

Zombie Rotter
Zombie rotters attempt to swarm the nearest living target and beat it to death.

Zombie Strangler
When a zombie strangler drops, its hands detach from the rest of its body and become animated creatures in their own right.

Zombie Rager
A type of undead encountered in the city of Moil. While not particularly difficult to destroy, their limbs continue to fight on even after the main body has been destroyed.


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