Also known as Yarnath the Skull, he is a powerful defiler who used a ritual to create a moving citadel from the animate skeletons of colossal bony creatures. The citadel, Slither, crawls across sandy wastes, scrub plains, salt flats and ridged foothills with equal facility. Yarnath lead a band of raiders of all ability levels, including an elite group of extremely well-trained Dray.

Yarnth’s raiders have a tattoo of a snake skull branded on their foreheads.

Yarnath’s plans to acquire a piece of the Crown of Dust were thwarted by Castri, Gwyn, Morg, and Vinara.

Yarnath captured and recruited Castri to join his cause and in doing so gained the piece of the Crown that he was previously denied. Castri’s former allies attempted to rescue him and defeated Yarnath, recovering the nearly completed Crown.


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