Tyr at a Glance
The massive Ziggurat of Kalak and the imposing golden tower dominate the skyline of Tyr, the oldest Athasian city-state. Its streets writhe with intrigue, hope, and fear as its residents react to the overthrow and subsequent slaying of the sorcerer-king Kalak. King Tithian, the high Templar who betrayed Kalak, holds power for now, but no one can say how long that will last. The city is also governed by the Council of Advisors

Population: Roughly 15,000 within the city walls, and about as many in the noble estates and villages of the Tyr Valley. Humans are the majority, constituting two-thirds of the population. Dwarves, elves, half-giants and muls make up most of the rest.

Water: Seventeen public wills reach down below Tyr to tap one of the deepest, oldest aquifers on Athas, fed by runoff from the nearby Ringing Mountains. A Tyrian Guard detachment protects each well. Tithian has declared that each citizen is entitled to one hand carried container of water per day. Those who try to get round this law risk being exiled. The city-state also has many private wells, such as in the King’s Gardens and in the Templar District.

Supplies: A wide variety of basic supplies is available in the Caravan and Merchant Districts, as well as in the Elven Market in the Warrens. Most days, a ragtag bazaar springs up near the Stadium of Tyr.

Defense:Most of Tyr’s army disbanded after Kalak fell, but he templars are current rebuilding it as the Tyrian Guard. An uneasy mix of soldiers who formerly served Kalak, noble house contingents, revolutionary fighters and freed gladiators and slaves, the Guard forms a standing army of about five thousand warriors of varying quality. In addition to the Guard, many noble and merchant houses keep large contingents of private soldiers on hand.

Inns and Taverns: The Caravan District and Merchant District have more than thirty inns and an equal number of taverns between them. The Warrens offers more squalid spaces, including abandoned buildings that host squatters.

The city was threatened by the armies Urik but the army was defeated by Rikus after recruitment by Gwyn and her allies strengthened their numbers. Rikus proceeded to attempt to siege Urik and was not seen again.

Months after the death of Kalak, the True attempted to resurrect him and restore him to power, however the attempt failed.

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