The itinerant thri-kreen are fierce warriors and pragmatic hunters. They form deep bonds to their birth clutch and caregivers. Each thri-kreen accepts its place among its clutch mates and the greater pack. The primal instinct runs deep, linking the race to its ancestral history and the spirit world.

Desert Talker
The tribes desert talker passes judgement on those who violate the harsh laws of the desert. In combat, the desert talker appeals to the spirits of the land to bring down their wrath upon his tribe’s enemies.

Heavily built and brutally efficient, a thri-kreen mauler’s job is to leap atop the quarry and rip the creature limb from limb. When its pack attacks, a mauler is the first into the fray. It slices foes mercilessly, amplifying an enemy’s pain to keep its attention away from weaker clutch members. A mauler is the last to leave the field, protecting the pack’s retreat.

A lone scout often stands vigilant atop a sand dune, staring off at the horizon for hours to warn their tribes of danger. In combat the scouts act cautiously at first, maintaining a safe distance while they monitor potential threats.


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