The Four Bits

The Inn located in the trade fort of Altaruk.

Operated by Gelrade.

Three Half-Elf barmaids – Sheena, Eleehna and Trahdoie.

The Four Bits has a stone tablet fastened next to the door showing a rendition of four bits of a ceramic coin, grouped together in a semi-circle.

The building is two stories tall with the upstairs bedrooms having secure locks on the doors. Each room has two real beds made of wood, a lamp and oil, a basin, a gallon pottery pitcher filled with fresh water and a dresser, with mirror, to store clothes and gear.

The drinking/common room is always bustling with off-duty guards, visiting caravan members, or citizens of Altaruk. Due to the plentiful city guard, no bouncers are needed.

Accommodations include two meals and six drinks. Separate meals and drinks are available for an additional price. The prices at the inn are high, but this is the only inn in Altaruk. However, the inn is of the finest quality and customers definitely get what they pay for.

The Four Bits

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