The Ascension

Volume 1
Over time and by careful observation, Dregoth determined the path to true godhood. He saw that other beings called gods had multitudes of followers, and the more followers the god could claim, the greater the god’s power. Another trademark of godhood seemed to be tied to sacrifice. From the giving of tithes to actual blood sacrifices, gods demanded offerings of their worshipers. Dregoth became convinced that a massive blood sacrifice, combined with the reverence of his followers and the creation of a font of holy power would provide the impetus for his ascension.

Volume 2
Worshipers were easy. The people of Giustenal were convinced of Dregoth’s divine nature even before he rose from the dead. Returning to walk among them after falling to the sorcerer-kings only served to strengthen their devotion. Later, when he transformed them into the dray, his followers became the chosen people. To this day, their belief in Dregoth has only increased even among the first generation dray.

Volume 3
The doctrine preached by Dregoth and his templars calls for sacrifices of all kinds. From the offerings of time, labor and wealth, to the blood of animals and non-humans spilled on Dregoth’s altars, the worshipers understand and practice sacrifices to the Dread King. Each Temple of the Dragon in New Giustenal contains an altar of blackest obsidian etched with the symbol of Dregoth – roaring dragon head inside a crimson circle.

All dray of New Giustenal know the prophecy of the Coruscation, the Day of Light. In the future, Dregoth the Godking will lead the dray to the land above. On that day, when the blood of thousands of unbelievers runs in rivers at the feet of Dregoth, the crimson sun will burst with bright light and the new Blue Age will begin.

Volume 4
The last secret to godhood lies in the creation of a font of power, a holy relic worthy of Dregoth and his religion. It is a huge dragon skull taken from one of the creatures that walk other worlds. Its eye sockets are filled with orbs of obsidian, and his newest holy symbol is carved into its sloping forehead. Dregoth believes that by immersing it in the rivers of blood that will one day flow down the streets of Raam the relic will become imbued with divine power – just as Dregoth himself will be.

The Ascension

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