Female Half-Elf (deceased)

Thakok-An is six feet tall and of average build for a female half-elf. Her braided air is long and golden, accenting the twin black orbs of her eyes. She wears a piece of jeweled hide that covers the upper part of her face, with two large holes for her eyes and a wide slot for her nose.

The high Templar of the sorcerer-king Kalid-Ma in the city of Kalidnay. She was fanatically loyal to her king and it was widely rumored that she had fallen in love with him as well.

She attempted to accelerate his transformation by sacrificing her family to feed his spells that would change him into a dragon. Her incomplete understanding and dark acts caused Kalidnay to shift into the Gray and forced Kalid-Ma into an eternal slumber.

Thakok-An ruled shadow Kalidnay for 200 years until she was killed by Kira Javed and her companions.


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