Male human (deceased)

A business associate of Dalem Shom who is attempting to infect Shaqat Beetles with a disease that inhibits the use of the Way. His operations are based in the ruins of Kalidnay.

Called Kelvor by the name of Dravus and claims to have worked with him in Balic while serving the sorcerer-king Andropinis. Kelvor confirmed his past relationship with the defiler and his experimentation with with the Way.

During a conflict in the Ziggurat of Kalid-Ma in the ruins of Kalidnay he fled to whereabouts unknown.

Tethrades recently arrived at Altaruk and is believed to have orchestrated the theft of the Crystal of Ebon Flame from Elleandra.

Tethrades was slain by Birk Suntouched and Arnye who recovered the Crystal from his corpse.


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