Aggressive savages of Athas’s hilly and mountainous regions, tareks are the bane of borderland communities. According to legend, an entity of mad destruction created the tareks. These fierce warriors served as its instruments of murder and destruction. The earth shamans eventually led the tareks in revolt against their maker. Xenophobic and aggressive, tareks live in small communities.

Tareks fight in raiding parties, patrols and other bands. They are sworn enemies of the gith. Tareks are valued arena combatants, making them popular quarry for slavers.

Tarek Peon
Tareks who have not yet fully proven themselves as warriors are often assigned to less prestigious duties such as keeping watch. They fiercely pursue their opponents, eager to prove their combat prowess.

Tarek Raider
Despite the viciousness of their attacks, tarek raiders are disciplined warriors. They are not easily scattered, and they will brave even dangerous terrain to reunite with their fellow fighters.


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