Ssurrans are hardy reptilian humanoids that live and hunter under the crimson sun of Athas. Like others, their day-to-day goal is survival.

The nomadic ssurrans, also called sandscale lizardfolk, traverse the blistering desert sands in loose tribes. Several groups, with reptilian beasts in tow, make up a tribe. Some groups hunt while others raid settlements. They allow inhabitants to flee, and kill only those who resist. The ever-practical ssurrans then strip a village of its usable goods and move on. The tribe’s hunters follow behind, clearing away signs of their passage and laying false trails.

Greenscale Hunters
Greenscale hunters like to set traps and ambush prey. In combat, they use sidestep attacks to maneuver into flanking positions.

Poisonscale Collectors
The poisonscale collector uses blinding poison to incapacitate and kill foes.

Poisonscale Magus
The poisonscale magus uses toxic magic to hurl death from a distance.

Poisonscale Myrmidons
Compared with other lizardfolk, the poisonscale myrmidon wielding a club is a disciplined combatant.

Poisonscale Slitherers
Among the weakest of the lizardfolk, the cowardly poisonscale slitherers prefer to fight alongside their stronger kin.

Sandwarped Ssurrans
Slow fliers, these powerful warriors attack with long swords as they leap into battle. On their death they turn to stone, often trapping their opponents weapons for a short time.

Ssurran Shaman
Despite being derided as primitive beasts, ssurrans have a wealth of tradition. Preserving that tradition, communing with the elements, and protecting and adding to the tribe’s oral history are a shaman’s foremost duties.

Twisted Ssurrans
Clumsy fliers, these warriors swooping down into battle attacking with short swords. When they die, their twisted bodies explode.


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