Spiders have a sinister reputation. Whether prodded into battle by their masters or hunting alone in the dim reaches of a dungeon, spiders have claimed the lives of an untold numbers of adventurers. The spiders of Athas have evolved as the verdant world turned slowly to sand. They have grown to monstrous proportions and have learned to make the terrain an ally in their hunts.

Natural loners, the spiders of the Tablelands haunt shallow caves, deep valleys, and similar locations othat offer cramped confines and twisting passages. The spiders weave webs across these passages. In some instances, they spin their webs over great pits or across chasms.

Ambush Spider
Ambush spiders are dangerous hunters who hide among rocks and under the sand until their prey comes near. An ambush spider weaves thick webs to ensnare its victims and has a poisonous bite. Ambush spiders are commonly used in arena matches in the city of Altaruk.

Bloodweb Spider Swarm
Consisting of thousands of spiders brought together under a malign influence, the swarm will attack the nearest living creature and continues to attack until that creature is dead.

Crystal Spider
Light gleams from its crystalline carapace, casting a riot of colors across a cliff face. The crystal spider is one of the Tablelands’s most alluring and menacing arachnids. Its spare frame and delicate movements are gracious and attractive, while its crimson eyes and slender, venomous fangs radiate danger.


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