Sky Singers

When someone mentions elf merchants in the Tyr Region, they are probably talking about the Sky Singer tribe. While not as old a tribe as their chief rival, the Clearwater elves, the Sky Singers quickly established themselves as traders of note. The semi-permanent market the tribe maintains in Nibenay, for example, is a feast for the senses, full of both exotic and commonplace goods presented so as to fascinate customers as they wander among the colorful tents and crowded stalls. Most customers come away from the market feeling as though they received the better part of any deal they participated in, even if they didn’t. It’s just another part of the illusion of quality and service the Sky Singers have expertly woven into their repertoire of merchandising.

The Sky Singers tribe embraced trading as its primary means of existence long before their current chief (or the chief before him) was born. Every activity the tribe engages in contributes in some manner to its mercantile endeavors. They enjoy this approach to life, and seem content to continue as merchants – at least for the now.

The tribe is composed of three clans…

  • The Dawnchasers, for example, continue to operate as herders. Members of this clan are responsible for not only the tribe’s animals, but also for the animals customers pay to have tended in the markets. They also raise or secure animals by other means to sell in the markets, from pack and riding beasts to personal pets.
  • The Dayjumpers clan specializes in major commerce and understanding city laws and customs. Members of this clan maintain the tribe’s permanent markets in the city-states, dealing, trading, and securing new goods while the remainder of the tribe travels elsewhere.
  • The Twilightcatchers clan deals in things pertaining to the arcane arts. Spell components, magical items, and wizardly texts of all descriptions are their stock-in-trade.

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Sky Singers

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