Animated by dark magic and composed entirely of bones, a skeleton is emotionless and soulless, desiring nothing but to serve its creator. Skeletons are often used as guardians in dungeons and tombs. They also serve as basic infantry in undead armies.

Blazing Skeleton
A blazing skeleton prefers to keep its distance from foes while hurling orbs of fire at them.

Skeleton grunts encountered in the city of Moil. They were working as laborers but armed for either ranged or melee combat.

Decrepit Skeleton
Decrepit skeletons make ranged attacks until enemies come within melee striking distance, as which point they draw their swords and rush into battle.

Marrowshriek Skeleton
Marrowshriek skeletons skulk in the darkness until they are ready to strike. When they join battle, each one fills the air with a horrifying cacophony that inhibits opponents.

Skeletal Legionaries
The animated skeletons of warriors who have died not having fulfilled oaths they made in life often rise as skeletal legionaries. They are heavily armed and armor and adept at fighting at range or in close combat.

Skeleton Warriors
A skeleton warrior charges fearlessly into battle, mercilessly attacking enemies that try to slip past their guard.


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