Red Age

The current age of Athas which began about 3,500 years ago with the creation of the Champions of Rajaat and the turning of the sun from yellow to red.

The age contains several periods.

The Cleansing Wars
Rajaat and his champions begin the Cleansing Wars, attempting to wipe out all the races of the rebirth. Over the next 1500 years, many races are eliminated and the world is ravaged by the defiling magic of the Champions and the forces.

The Cleansing Wars end when the Champions rebel against Rajaat, and Borys of Ebe is transformed into the Dragon.

The Time of the Sorcerer-Kings
About 2,000 years ago the remaining Champions each claim a city of Athas, becoming the sorcerer-kings. The rule of the sorcerer-kings is absolute, and they are unchallenged by any except the fellow sorcerer-kings.

Time of Herosim
After two millenia of oppressive rule, Kalak the sorcerer-king of Tyr is assassinated by mortals. For the first time in countless years, a spark of hope exists. The heroes who defeated Kalak fall, but new heroes arrise, attempting to bring Athas into a new Green Age.

Red Age

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