Nibenay at a Glance
Nibeany, the City of Spires, claims to be the last bastion of true civilization on Athas. Nibenay is an ancient, decadent city-state under the rule of a distant and mysterious sorcerer-king who shares his name with the city-state, has spent centuries tucked away in his arcane studies.

Population: Roughly 24,000 people live in Nibenay proper, with a similar number in outlying tenant farms and villages. Most of the population is human, with sizable minorities of half-giants, elves, and half-elves.

Water: The city-state sits atop bubbling hot springs that well up from deep below ground. The noble houses own all the springs, so anyone who wants water must purchase it from them.

Supplies: Nibenay is wealthy and extravagant by the standards of most other city-states. Anything a traveler could want is for sale in the markets, legitimate or otherwise. The city produces timber, stone, spices, nuts, and various dry beans (the staple food).

Defense: The Shadow Guard is an elite palace guard of half-giants numbering a thousand strong. The Temple of War supplements these defenders with five thousand janissaries (loyal slave-soldiers), including small numbers of dray mercenaries.

Inns and Taverns: Numerous inns serve travelers in Nibenay, with the highest concentration in and around the Sages District. The noble district of Cliffside features more opulent inns for visiting nobles, and those looking to keep a low profile can find flophouses in the Hill District. Abandoned quarters are scattered throughout the city.

Notable districts include…


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