Moil is an ice-shrouded city of shattered stone spires and decaying arched bridges illuminated only by gray lightning surges within the clouds. The bases of the many towers are surrounded by a boiling sea of black a hundred feet below. Most of the spires remain connected to the each other, but uncounted hundreds remain out of easy reach, their bridges shattered.

A sense of oppression settles upon any living creature that visits this city, for it is deep within the Gray.

According to Evan Moreau, the city of Moil was once a mortal city, until its masters broke dark pact they had made and the city fell into ruin. It is now inhabited by the dead who constantly patrol the city in search of living intruders.

The city is being used as part of Dregoth’s plans to become a true God.

A frightening creature, the Tortured Vestige inhabits the city, but was slain by Gwyn and her allies.


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