Mother of Gwyn and member of the Sky Singers tribe of elves.

Although initially opposed to arcane magic and thus displeased with her daughter, she has recently come to terms with the difference between defilers and preservers and begun to accept Gwyn.

Marisol was working with Dalem Shom on a venture that will benefit both House Shom and the Sky Singers. However, she confided with Gwyn and her allies that she is actually an agent of The Order looking to put an end to House Shom’s plans to control the Way.

Shortly there after, in the ruins of Kalidnay Marisol claimed to be working for the Shadow King. She was defeated in a combat with her daughter but her body disappeared.

She has now assumed control of shadow Kalidnay following the death of Thakok-An and converted the population to the service of the Shadow King. As a show of power she has impaled the bodies of Laylon-Ka, Kalid-Ma and Vinara on top of the Ziggurat of Kalid-Ma. She also dominated Morg, forcing him to do her bidding until he was rescued by Elleandra.


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