The Forest Goddess Lalali-Puy, the beloved Oba of the city state of Gulg sees to the protection of her citizens from the evil spirits inhabiting the nearby Crescent Forest. Her citizens are bound by chains of love, reverence and gratitude, and seem happier and more content than citizens of any other city-state.

Lalali-Puy is the supreme ruler of Gulg and she is the source of Gulgan prosperity. She is the bringer of rain and their protector against threats from the physical and spirit worlds. Lalali-Puy owns everything in Gulg, including property, beasts, and food. She sees to its even distribution among the dagadas, or communities.

Ancient legends tell of a massive sacrifice made by the people of Gulg in order to keep their ruler. According to the story, the Oba emerged from a huge agafari tree to eliminate dangers that threatened the forest. Once she had secured the safety of her people, the Oba told them that it was time for her to return to the forest.

The people wailed and begged the Oba to remain. “Surely,” they cried, “without you the desert will overtake us, our enemies will enslave us, and our children will not know where their elders are buried.” The Oba smiled upon her people but told them that her work was done. The elders selected 1,000 volunteers to be sacrificed so that the Oba could stay. Apparently, the sacrifice worked. The Oba was transfigured and her power became even more radiant. It is believed that one day the Oba will again be called back to her home, and again the people may need to intervene.

She joined forces with Nibenay and Andropinis to defeat Abalach-Re after she transformed into a dragon.

Referred to as Inenek during the battle of the sorcerer-kings.


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