Oversized hive insects, kanks viciously attack strangers. Patient trainers can domesticate these beasts to collect their tasty nectar or employ them as guard beasts. Kanks are also valued as hardy creatures that can survive in most of harsh environments of Athas.

Kanks are hive insects that can be tamed and trained. Spitters specialize in collecting organic forage and producing nectar that nourishes other kanks. Soldiers have viscous mandibles that help them defend the tribe.

Every kank hive has a brood queen. This lethargic creature does little besides produce kank eggs. A brood queen is unable to defend herself from attack, and she has little actual control over the hive. She relies on soldiers to defend her and spitters to produce food.

Kank Soldier
Bulky and aggressive, kank soldiers protect the hive and drive off predators. Properly trained, these beasts make fine war mounts.

Kank Spitter
Consummate foragers, kank spitters are capable of turning any organic material into food. They process noxious substances separately from nutritious ones.


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