A resourceful and hardy race, humans are the most numerous and diverse people in the Tyr Region. They can be found in every social situation and their drive and ambition help the race survive on the dying world and even thrive under the rule of the sorcerer-kings.

Humanity’s communities and cultures are as diverse as they are widespread. Little unites humankind except the need to survive and the dictates of the oppressors under whom they toil.

Although not the oldest humanoid on Athas, humans are the most widespread and numerous. Human cultures, traditions, and beliefs are as plentiful as their neighborhoods and villages. Their adaptability makes them some of the world’s greatest survivors.

Even on a world as cruel as Athas, only the more vile, selfish, or insane dare cross certain moral boundaries. Despoiling the already ravaged landscape is taboo in all societies. Still, the awesome power of magic is irresistible to certain humans unfettered by conscience. They assume the mantle of the defiler, embracing the condemnation that accompanies it.

Wasteland Raiders
The desert teems with predators – merciless, voracious creatures that kill for any or no reason. A wasteland raider might be human, but it is as much a beast as monsters inhabiting the wastes.


Dark Sun: The Scorched World of Athas EvanMoreau