House Shom

Emblem: Three white dragonflies.

Trade Goods: obsidian, water, wood, art, and weapons.

Based in Nibenay, Shom success has lately suffered from decadence and corruption.

One of their trade routes takes obsidian from the dwarven village of Kled through Tyr. The trip has recently become more dangerous and Shom had lost several caravans to the infamous Yarnath.

House Shom maintains an outpost, Fort Melidor near the ruins of Kalidnay. Although the fort has never been hugely successful, recent losses have turn the fort into more of a ghost town.

Following the death of Abalach-Re House Shom pulled all of its assets out of Raam while chaos rules in the city-state.

Members include…
Giovvo Shom
Dalem Shom
Temmnya Shom

House Shom

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