Heartwood Spear

Heartwood Spear
Forged from an ancient Tree of Life, this wood-shafted spear has wicked, pointed head at one end. Anyone grasping the spear can feel the powerful primal magic contained within it and feels an intense hatred of defilers.

The existence and powers of the heartwood spear first became widely known when the gladiator Rikus used one to help kill the sorcerer-king Kalak. That spear disappeared back into the hands of the haflings of the Forest Ridge, though many seek it (both to keep it out of the hands of rebels and to use it against a sorcerer-king), its location remains a mystery.

A new spear was formed form the heartwood of an ancient Tree of LIfe by Vinara with the help of Gwyn and Kelvor. It was used to defeat Yarnath the defiler, bringing an end to his attempt restore the being known as Ul-Athra.

Following the death of Vinara, Morg carried the spear until giving it to Kira Javed as a sign of trust. Kira was slain by the sorcerer-king Nibeany, and it is assumed that the spear was taken by him.

Heartwood Spear

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