Native of the rain-kissed Forest Ridge, halflings are tribal people who maintain their distance from other humanoid races of Athas. They interact little with the city-states or the people of the desert and are notorious for eating captured enemies. They’re not above stealing the livestock or ambushing unwary travelers to remedy an empty cook pot. Most halflings want nothing to do with outsiders, though. They defend their home with poisoned darts and primal magic.

Some halflings roam the desert, although they are a rare sight in the city-states. Small bands venture down from the Forest Ridge and find employment as guides, trackers, hunters, and occasionally slavers. Individual halflings indulge their wanderlust by exploring unfamiliar area of the world. On occasion, bloodthirsty renegade tribes aggressively raid villages or waylay caravans in the vast wastes.

Halfling Forest Runners
As masters of ambush, forest runners embody the halfling reputation for stealth and cunning. Whether patrolling halfling lands or wandering the wastes, they harry enemies rather than engaging them in pitched battles.

Halfling Wilders
Halflings mastered the Way thousands of years ago. Their adepts are accomplished at burrowing into the minds of enemies and distracting them.


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