Golems are magically animated constructs created by wizards and other masters of secret lore to guard important places or treasures. Golems possess just enough awareness to follow orders. Single-minded, they ignore all but the most obvious dangers.

Bone Golem
Built from the bones of many creatures, these massive conglomerations stab their foes with sharpened bone. They serve well those who seek to disorient their enemies through pain, or those who are partial to macabre trappings.

Salt Golem
THe air grows hazy as a salt golem approaches. The ambient particles from its body sting the flesh and burn the eyes. A blocky, rocklike form of white and gray becomes more distinct as it draws close enough for its heavy limbs to strike.

Shard Golem
An animated creature they typically takes the form of a large, blocky humanoid composed entirely of glowing blue crystal. They are often commanded by their creatures to guard objects or locations, fighting until their destruction. They dispatch their foes with a combination of physical and psychic attacks.


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