Ghosts haunt forlorn places, bound to their fate until they are finally put to rest. Sometimes they exist for a purpose, and other times they defy death through sheer will.

Eldritch Phantom
Created when spirits are trapped in areas of powerful magical energy, the eldritch phantoms can possess the living in order to fulfill their own purposes.

Ghost Tormentor
The very presence of these spirit can cause even the strongest resolve to crumble. The tormentors move quickly in large groups to overwhelm their foes.

Malicious Ghosts
Malicious ghosts prefer to lurk in corridors, catacombs and maze-like areas. A malicious ghost typically starts by phasing through a barrier, unleashing its attacks then escaping back through the obstacle.

Wailing Ghosts
A wailing ghost uses its phasing ability to emerge from the floors or walls attempting to surprise its enemies. Those that hear its terrifying shriek often run or are frozen in place until they can gather their wits. The appearance of these creatures is often enough to unhinge even the sturdiest of minds.


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