Fey Engine

Fey Engine
An intricate contraption of iron rods and wooden shafts, crossing and crisscrossing each other. At each intersection, a rune is stamped on wood and metal, and several of the larger joints are adorned with gemstones. At its top, the device comes to a pyramidal peak, with prongs holding a gleaming emerald.

This device was found in the Garden of Graves in the Lands Within the Wind by Elleandra and her companions. It is unknown who placed the device within the Garden and its true purpose is likewise a mystery. It has been speculated that the device was draining the energy of the plane and channeling it to another location.

The magic powering the device was unknown to the group at the time, but similarities to the magic of the Ziggurat of Kalak suggest that it was created by dragon magic. It is believed that the device was created by Dregoth.

The device was destroyed to prevent further damage to the land. Recovered from the wreckage of the device was the The Shadowstaff.

Fey Engine

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