Evan Moreau

A tall and frail older man, physically weak, but intellectually powerful, Evan is dressed in fine clothing, regardless of the circumstances. He wears shaded glasses, even in the dark rooms of his study, that keep his eyes hidden.

Evan Moreau is a wizard from a distant land who traveled to shadow Kalidnay after discovering an Orb of Kalid-Ma in search of magic to allow him to reclaim his soul from a powerful wizard king.

His companions Kira Javed and Melantha were captured by the forces of Thakok-An along with Kazandra. Evan escaped capture and was rescued by Laylon-Ka. He was planning their rescue when the arrived with a group of adventurers lead by Gwyn.

Evan traded the Orb for books and scrolls recovered from the ziggurat. Shortly thereafter his friends fought Thakok-An and eventually defeated her. The lands of Kalidnay dissolved into the Mists.

Evan Moreau

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