Tribes of elves roam the deserts of Athas and bring their wares to the scattered settlements. Though they are considered shifty and untrustworthy, the elves bring unique items to their traveling markets that ensure plenty of business.

Stories of elves describe swindlers in elven bazaars and wandering bands of raiders that strip caravans of goods. Entire elf tribes have disappeared from city-states after a single member ran afoul of the templars.

Though considered dangerous by most other races, the elven markets of the various city-states are an important source of contraband, particularly that of the magical variety. However, most people know to be cautious when dealing with elves, since being cheated in a deal is the least of what they have been known to do. Most elves simply seek to get the most out of any bargain, and the more cutthroat members of a tribe might use that motivation as an excuse to murder and steal.

Dune Strider
Tribes of elves lope across the wastelands. Lithe and hardy, they cover vast distances over dangerous terrain every day. Dune striders swoop down on travelers, seizing anything of value before retreating.

The elven markets bring good both legitimate and illegal to the city-states. Any deal made with an elf merchant can go bad, though, and the cheater might disappear without a trace. An unlucky customer might be the target of a swift, deadly attack to steal his or her remaining possessions.

On the fringes of markets, perched on rooftops, or hidden in shaded corners, these elves watch over the rest of the tribe’s members. If anyone causes trouble, the snipers cover the merchants as they retreat.


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