Athasian dragonborn descend from humanoids transformed during the reign of an ancient sorcerer-king. They call themselves dray, the name bestowed on them by their creator. Dragonborn live by a brutally pragmatic philosophy rooted in their exile from their city-state. They tend to be sly and amoral, although they carefully observe the exact wording of any deal or bargain they strike, since it’s good business to have a reputation for living up to agreements.

They dray learned long ago that they can rely only upon one another, and they are fiercely loyal to their clan brothers and sisters. A clan gathers from far and wide to avenge an insult or an injury to one of its own, and the group won’t rest until the vendetta is settled.

The forces of Yarnath include an elite group of dray soldiers and defilers.

There are two breeds of Dray – Oucasts are the dray commonly seen in the Tyr Region and the Chosen, a hardier breed that composes the armies of Dregoth.

Humans can be transformed into Dray using a process perfected by Absalom.

Dragonborn Commandant
The dragonborn commandant leads from the front, wading into adversaries along with the troops. He or she sizes up the opposition, quickly designating an opponent to direct his followers’ attacks.

Dragonborn Soldier
These soldiers are capable fighters and launch into combat without hesitation. They prefer to be in the middle of combat where it can make the best use of its abilities.

Dray Defiler
These dragonborn are notorious sorcerers. Power is what they desire above all else, and defiling offers a quicker path to that power.


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