A drake is a carnivorous reptile that has a fanged mouth, clawed digits, and a serpentine tail. Some drakes move on two legs, keeping their forelimbs off the ground, while others walk on all fours. A few kinds of drakes have wings, and a number of them are capable of using their hand-like claws to manipulate objects.

Savage drakes attack prey on sight, while domesticated drakes attack only if provoked or commanded. Trained drakes serve as guards, hunting companions, military animals, mounts messengers and even beasts of burden.

Drakes do not speak but communicate using chirps, whistles, growls, and roars.

Spiretop Drake
Spiretop drakes nest on tall buildings, gather in clutches and menace the denizens of large cities. They like to steal valuable objects and attack larger prey only when they are famished or when their nests are disturbed.

Spiretop drakes are social creatures that collect shiny objects. A spiretop drake also has a keen homing instinct, so domesticated ones make great couriers for light objects or messages.


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