Currency Exchange

The most common form of money in the civilized areas of Athas are the ceramic coins marked in various denominations. Each city-state strikes their own coins, but it is very rare for a coin to be denied regardless of the city-state it is used in or made from. Metal coins are exceedingly rare and are typically only found in ancient treasure troves or other planes, such as the Lands Within the Wind.

Gems and other art objects are often appreciated in lands that use both types of currency, although sometimes to differing degrees.

The following rules apply to various currencies…

  • Unless otherwise stated, any coins found will be ceramic.
  • Ceramic coins have no value in lands where metal currency is the norm.
  • Metal coins are worth ten times their normal face value in Athas (a metal gold piece can buy 10gp of supplies).
  • Gems and other art objects will have their value expressed in the metal coin equivalent.

Currency Exchange

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