Black Spine Mountains

The Black Spine Mountains stretch inland from the southern edge of the Bay of Maray. Their length separates Cromlin from the Ivory Triangle to the southwest and the ruins of Giustenal to the east.

Their bare, rocky peaks, sometimes as tall as 6,000 feet, offer little water or shelter to make the climb worthwhile. Most ofthe exposed rock crumbles under the twin hammers of heat and cold, so great slopes of broken rock and frequent rockslides make for arduous travel.

There are a few vales that provide habitable areas and networks of caves run beneath the mountains. There are rumored to be hidden strongholds of half-gaints, dray and gith in the mountains.

An iron mine was discovered by the forces of Nibenay.

It is rumored that an ancient dray stronghold is hidden within the mountains.

Black Spine Mountains

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