Perched on the shores of the Forked Tongue Estuary, Balic is wealthy and touts a rich cultural heritage. Its mercantile prowess bring prosperity, and its Chamber of Patricians upholds the city-state’s democratic process. The city is ruled by the sorcerer-king Andropinis.

Balic at a Glance
The wealthiest of the seven cities, Balic is a mercantile power known for its democratic systems, although Dictator Andropinis is the true authority in the city-state.

Population: Roughly 24,000 people live in Balic, with more in the nearby countryside. About half the population is human. Dwarves, muls, elves, and half-elves are present in large numbers. Balic is also home to small numbers of minotaurs and half-giants.

Water: A system of five public wells and extensive subterranean cisterns supplies Balic with water. Most noble villas have their own cisterns. The city-state depends on the intermittent rainfall of the months of Sun Descending to replenish its water stores. In dry years, the praetors enforce strict water rationing.

Supplies: Balic’s exports include grain, salt, olives wine, livestock, leather, marble, and a small amount of copper.

Defense: Balic faces few threats from other city-states, but giants and desert raiders are drawn to the fields and manors outside the city walls. Five legions of one thousand soldiers each garrison the city and its fields. Most able-bodied free citizens are conscripted into the legions as young adults for three years of service.

Inns and Taverns: The city has a variety of inns and taverns catering to all different tastes and needs. Some of the more notable ones include…

The city is divided into precincts including…


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