Male Human (deceased)

The governor of the city of Altaruk.

Originally from Balic, Arisphistaneles enjoy’s his post as governor of an important trade city. He does not tolerate those who disrupt the peace, and gives his captain of the guard wide latitude to maintain order. Arisphistaneles has been known to be forgiving of those preservers who end up in the arena, and particularly harsh to defilers.

The governor has been revealed to be the head of the Veiled Alliance chapter in Altaruk. The Veiled Alliance is strong and open in Altaruk and have contributed much to the town’s well-being.

An assassination attempt on Arisphistaneles by his former guard captain Tellemon, who was an agent of the True cabal, was foiled by the gladiator Arnye.

Slain by Abalach-Re when she attacked Altaruk following her transformation into a dragon.


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