The town of Altaruk sits atop an important juncture along the Balic-Tyr trade route. The city is sponsored by merchant houses from the city-state of Balic, and they have heavily fortified the town to protect their investment.

The former governor of Altaruk, Arisphistaneles was a pragmatic man who held citizens and traders equally accountable to Altaruk’s laws.

Altaruk was a gathering place for the Pilgrims who were traveling to Rafernard’s Forest.

The former captain of the guard, Tellemon, was an efficient and effective leader who had a fondness for sending disputes to the arena for resolution. He was murdered while attending an arena match.

Altaruk was nearly destroyed by Abalach-Re when she attacked Altaruk following her transformation into a dragon. The military of Balic is now in control of the settlement.

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