Abyssal Plague Demons

Foul creatures resembling natural beasts, they are clearly not of the mortal world and thought to be from the Elemental Chaos.

Abyssal Plague Animated Corpse
The lowest form of the Abyssal plague can infect fresh humanoid corpses, resulting in ferocious hordes of reanimated dead bent on slaying every living creature in their path. An Abyssal plague animated corpse is a decaying humanoid body with red crystals protruding from its skin and a dark red liquid oozing from its eyes, mouth, or any open wounds.

Abyssal Plague Swarm
An Abyssal plague swarm is composed of tiny red beetles with barbed pincers that drip with the same red liquid that forms their crystalline bodies. They spawn in large, bloated orbs found near an infestation of the Abyssal plague.

Abyssal Plague Swarmbringer
Built to spread the Abyssal plague, the swarmbringer is a vessel of destruction and pestilence. A swarmbringer is 10 feet tall and resembles a crystalline spider, with a swarm-filled crystal vessel on its back. It stands on eight legs that are strong and sharp enough to tear into steel.

Abyssal Plague Demons

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