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  • Gith

    Although descended from creatures said to come from beyond the Gray, Athass gith are tribal and savage. The slide into barbarism did not

  • Zairtail

    Zairtails are small natural reptilian animals. They are commonly found in tropical environments, and while only the largest of them grow to the size of your everyday house cat, they can be dangerous predators. There are several different species of

  • Ssurran

    Ssurrans are hardy reptilian humanoids that live and hunter under the crimson sun of Athas. Like others, their day-to-day goal is survival.

    The nomadic ssurrans, also

  • Kank

    Oversized hive insects, kanks viciously attack strangers. Patient trainers can domesticate these beasts to collect their tasty nectar or employ them as guard beasts. Kanks are also valued as hardy creatures that can survive in most of harsh

  • Elemental

    Elementals roll across the Elemental Chaos in infinite variety. Some occupy roles in the planes varied environments similar to those of beasts in the world.

  • Spider

    Spiders have a sinister reputation. Whether prodded into battle by their masters or hunting alone in the dim reaches of a dungeon, spiders have claimed the lives of an untold numbers of adventurers. The spiders of

  • Inix

    Broad and low the the ground, an inix is a reptilian behemoth. Used widely as a beast of burden, the inix is capable of incredible feats of strength. It is tough, plodding and slow to anger, but once roused, it is nearly unstoppable.

  • Golem

    Golems are magically animated constructs created by wizards and other masters of secret lore to guard important places or treasures. Golems possess just enough awareness to follow orders. Single-minded, they ignore all but the most obvious dangers.

  • Drake

    A drake is a carnivorous reptile that has a fanged mouth, clawed digits, and a serpentine tail. Some drakes move on two legs, keeping their forelimbs off the ground, while others walk on all fours. A few kinds of drakes have wings, and a number of

  • Kruthik

    Kruthiks burrow through the earth, riddling the Underdark with tunnels. They hunt in packs and nest sprawling subterranean warrens. Kruthiks dig tunnels that

  • Scorpion

    Monstrous scorpions are voracious predators that pose a danger even to large and well-armed parties.

  • Zombie

    Whenever the Gray caresses the natural world, and indelible stain spreads. Darkness bleeds into the land, the sun dims, and the dead rise. Much of Athas

  • Griefmote

    When night falls, the dead stir. Griefmotes are tiny sparks of unliving, glowing orbs that chill the flesh and rend the mind. When an innocent dies, sometimes a spirit fragment survives the souls migration from the flesh to the

  • Ooze

    The only purpose oozes serve in the world is to wipe clean the dilapidated, forgotten and ruined places and free them of vermin, refuse, and adventurers.

    Black Pudding
    A black pudding resembles a heaving mound of sticky black

  • Skeleton

    Animated by dark magic and composed entirely of bones, a skeleton is emotionless and soulless, desiring nothing but to serve its creator. Skeletons are often used as guardians in dungeons and tombs. They also serve as basic infantry in undead armies

  • Tiger

    Tigers are powerful and cunning predators. A tiger looks for distracted prey on the periphery of a battle. Tigers are quick and agile hunters that are often found in rugged natural environments. Tigers have not been seen in

  • Crodlu

    These large vicious omnivores resemble featherless birds with powerful legs and clawed forelimbs. Some are bred and trained to bear humanoids into combat. In the wastelands they roam in small herds.

  • Baazrag

    A lone baazrag stalks the desert plains, hunting a large six-legged beast amid the dunes and rocks. When the prey realizes the danger, it attempts to escape, but not before the baazrags jaws shut over a back leg. The quarry whirls and hisses,

  • Ankheg

    Loathsome insects with a taste for bipedal prey, ankhegs burst from hiding to seize the unwary. An ankheg moves with great stealth, but might be detected by the faint whiff of acid dripping from its twitching mandibles.

    Ankhegs dig mazelike

  • Gaj

    The magic-torn wastelands spawn monsters so terrible that not even the merciful can permit them to live. Gaj exemplify such horrors, combining a hideous aspect with a malign intelligence. They crave the flesh of sentient beings, both for sustenance

  • Tarek

    Aggressive savages of Athass hilly and mountainous regions, tareks are the bane of borderland communities. According to legend, an entity of mad destruction created the

  • Crawling Claw

    Crawling Gauntlet
    A crawling gauntlet follows the bidding of its host or creator without regard for self-preservation. Like crawling claws, crawling gauntlets attempt to gang up on a single enemy. When in combat with other creatures,

  • Wraith

    Wraiths hate the living and seek to create more of their kind by killing mortals they encounter. They are joyless beings that dwell in the darkness.

    Oblivion Wraith
    Oblivion wraiths move into melee quickly catching multiple

  • Specter

    Insane and unfettered by the memories of its past life, a specter exists only to snuff out the living. It appears as a ghostly twisted apparition.

    In life, specters were murderous and vile humanoids, although they remember

  • Chuul

    A chuul lurks in underground lakes, still ponds, dank grottos, and murky cesspools, patiently waiting for prey to happen by.

  • Ul-Athra

    Ul-Athra is the name of a powerful primordial being in the distant past of Athas. A giant worm-like creature that wore a crown of gold, it did battle with

  • Silk Wyrm

    Shimmering heat mirages are not all the rise from the surface of the desert. At times, particularly at dusk, dreaded silk wyrms take to the air, slithering swiftly and silently through the darkening skies. With their keen eyesight, these beasts spy

  • Myconid

    Insidious fungal menaces from polluted Feywild caverns, myconids strive only to spread across their territories, contaminating those places with their presence.

  • Erdlu

    The erdlu is a smaller version of the crodlu. Its body is covered in tough scales, and its folded forelimbs sprout useless wings. Hardy and fast, this drakelike creature is a

  • Tembo

    A horrific beast, roughly the size of an erdlu, this quadruped is covered in a rock-like hide with jutting spikes of stone and crystal. It has a cat-like head with large ears,

  • Raaig

    In an environment where violent death is so common, ghosts frequently haunt sites of great significance or terrible slaughter. Among them are an array of spirits bound to the service of long-forgotten gods. Called raaigs, these ghosts defend ancient

  • Mummy

    Mummies defend tombs and other sacred places against intrusion, striking down foes with a deadly rotting disease.

    Soulless beings animated by necromantic magic, mummy guardians are not very intelligent and retain none of their powers or knowledge

  • Mekillot

    With their armored backs, these enormous, temperamental drakes make valuable mounts and formidable enemies. Any mekillot rider knows that the line between mount and foe is a thin one. Only careful handling or use of

  • Dread Warrior

    Unholy rituals that call forth undead hulks usually raise shambling, mindless creatures. Dread warriors, on the other hand, rise to unlife possessed of enough martial skill to serve as formidable guardians. Each dread warrior is created with an

  • Forsaken Shell

    A forsaken shell is skin ripped from a creatures body and then animated purposefully or spontaneously by foul magic. The primary motivation of of forsaken shells is to propagate their kind, though they also hunt living creatures for sport.


  • Water Serpent

    A strange ripple flowing through a body of water is the only evidence of a water serpents presence. Unknown on Athas, this creature was encountered in the

  • Bear

    Large and ferocious mammals that inhabit the mountains of the world. They are armored in articulated shells. In the distant past of the Green Age, it is thought that bears had fur and were much

  • Silt Horror

    Beneath the churning dust of the Sea of Silt lurk the ruins of lost civilizations and the relics of distant ages. The creatures that dwelled in these forgotten cities are gone, their bones now

  • Withering Ones

    The withering ones are zombies that have been suffused with defiling magic. As such, they react violently when they are subjected to arcane magic. When a withering one is affected by a spell or some

  • Ghost

    Ghosts haunt forlorn places, bound to their fate until they are finally put to rest. Sometimes they exist for a purpose, and other times they defy death through sheer will.

    Eldritch Phantom
    Created when spirits are trapped in

  • Shaqat Beetles

    Shaqat beetles are large insects identifiable by their orange carapaces with black stripes. Shaqat beetles are no more harmful than other desert vermin in most ways.

    Recent Dalem Shom and

  • Vampire

    Sustained by a terrible thirst for mortal blood, vampires dream of a world where they live in decadence and luxury, ruling over kingdoms of mortals who exist only to sate their darkest appetites.

    No such creature has existed on

  • Devil

    Devils are agents of evil where they forever bicker and plot in the deep reaches of the Astral Sea. Devious and nefarious, devils find no scheme too convoluted and with the absence of the divine,

  • Demon

    In their many and varied forms, demons are living engines of annihilation. They embody the destructive force of the Elemental Chaos and call the

  • Wight

    Wights are restless undead that savagely attack the living, draining their life energy. They often serve more powerful undead creatures as soldiers and lieutenants. Wights typically inhabit the places where they died, although they are by no means

  • Nighthaunt

    Malicious, sinister creatures of darkness, nighthaunts are the cursed souls of those who have consumed food infused with necrotic energy. These undead feed on the life force of living creatures until sated.

  • Kaisharga

    A free-willed undead creature that was once a powerful spell-caster. Kaisharga are unique to the world of Athas.

  • Lich

    An undead creature created when a powerful spell-caster undergoes vile rituals. They may be indestructible, as the lich Yarnath has returned from death at least once.

  • Moilian Barrow

    A horrible brutish creature composed of parts of numerous other creatures and encountered in the city of Moil.

    The barrow radiated an aura of despair preventing individuals from acting with too

  • Tortured Vestige

    The Tortured Vestige is a massive shape composed of dead creatures. Close to 20 feet in diameter this horrible swarm of death moves quickly to attack, with tendrils of bone and flesh flailing around it. A host of voices screamsin a twisted chorus of

  • Terror Scarab

    A swarm creature, terror scarabs attack the nearest creature, knowing that they can overpower creatures many times stronger through sheer weight of numbers. Their mandibles are capable of piercing armor and they have a necrotic venom.

  • Ghoul

    Ghouls have an hunger for living flesh that drives them to hunt for victims whenever possible. Ghouls immobilize their foes and devour them while lifes warmth yet suffuses their flesh.

    Abyssal Ghoul Devourer
    Abyssal ghouls

  • Chathrang

    The parched travelers finally catch sight of a small, reedy oasis. One of their number, versed in nature magic, follows the course of a desert hawk. As the group descends the side of a small mesa, a sharp screech pierces the air. Their bird guide flaps

  • Roc

    Rocs are enormous birds of prey with strong ties to the Elemental Chaos. The term roc refers to a number of related avians, each with their own unique traits and habitats.

  • Giants

    Athasian giants dwell in small tribes on islands throughout the Sea of Silt, which they guard fiercely. They are capable of traversing the seas shallower areas, wading through chest-deep

  • Kestrekel

    The horrid croak of the kestrekel is considered a harbinger of death, because these predators gather when a creature is about to die. Individually, a kestrekel is a nuisance. A flock of these birds can be an immediate and dire threat, though.

  • Githyanki

    A fierce psychic warrior race that fight with lavish metal weapons and armor.

  • Banshee

    This woeful spirit is a spiteful creature formed form the spirit of a female elf. Banshees appear as luminous, wispy forms tha vaguely recall their mortal features. A banshes face is wreathed in a wild tangle of hair, its body clad in wispy

  • Key Guardian

    An alien creature encountered in the depths of the Tower of Salt in Moil. The creature appeared to possess vast knowledge and desired to protect a silver key.

    The Key Guardian provided

  • Chain Demon

    A being composed of animated chains which sprout hooks, blades, and spikes to eviscerate enemies. Chain demons act as sadistic jailers and torturers in the infernal realms, relishing pain and living to inflict it on others. They are called on to

  • Pegasus

    The white winged creatures known as pegasi soar through the skies, a vision of grace and majesty. When they touch down on solid ground, they linger only for a moment.

  • Floater

    Floaters are small, aerial, jelly fish that drift above the Sea of Silt. They are often found at the edges of the silt sea, near the mudflats that form its perimeter. They contain volatile gasses

  • Sink Worm

    The sink worm is a huge white worm, looking like a long giant maggot, that travels beneath the sand or silt, leaving a sunken depression in the surface behind it. In spite of this clear warning sign, few prey escapes once a sink worm begins hunting

  • Wyvern

    A wyvern has two scaly legs, leathery wings, and a sinewy tail topped with its most potent weapon: a poison stinger. The poison in a wyverns stinger can kill a creature in seconds. Extremely potent, wyvern poison burns through its victims bloodstream

  • yuan-ti

    The serpent creatures known as yuan-ti are all that remains of an ancient, decadent human empire. Ages ago their dark gods taught them profane, cannibalistic rituals to mix their flesh with that of snakes, producing a caste-based society of hybrids in

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