Vinara (deceased)

Human Druid (Sentinel)


Vinara is in her early twenties with brown hair and tanned skin. She wears armor made from the hide of a tembo underneath her travelling wraps. She wields a large wooden spear in combat. Her two companions, a large beetle named Bear and a spirit of the air, are never far from her.


Vinara was born under a blood moon, an auspicious symbol for her tribe from the desert expanse. At the age of her adulthood, she was chosen by the primal spirits to become a druid-guardian of her tribe and eagerly took to her sojourn to commune alone and learn from them. Her spiritual quest was successful and she gained the power to call upon her animal companion. However, while she was away a group of raiders hit her tribe’s camp leaving no survivors. The only tracks left behind resembled gigantic insect tracks, which were lost in the shifting sands. Over the next few months, she came to the Ringing Mountains to find a new tribe.

Vinara has had many adventures, in which she…

  • helped stop the infamous Wastewalker from continuing his homicidal campaign against all arcane spell casters.
  • received the blessings of the spirits of Air, Earth, Fire and Water and became charged with the tasks of a Primal Guardian of Athas.
  • helped to discover the Lost Cistern of Aravek to secure a new source of water for Tyr and it’s army.
  • was instrumental in helping to rally factions of Tyr against the invading army of Urik.
  • helped defeat the defiler Yarnath the Skull and recover the Crown of Dust from his fortress Slither.
  • helped to free the village of Kled from the occupying army of Urik.
  • destroyed the resurrected sorcerer-king Kalak preventing his return to power in the city of Tyr.
  • planted a new Tree of Life in the ruins of Kemalok, taking up the mantle of a guardian druid for the tree.
  • journeyed with Laylon-Ka and eventually returned to Shadow Kalidnay under the rule of Marisol, where she was killed by Morg while he was under to control of Marisol.

Vinara (deceased)

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