Human Ranger (Two Blade Fighting Style)


Melantha is a short woman whose darkly tanned skin is typically hidden behind a flowing red cloak, which also conceals her muscled frame, such that her opponents are often surprised by her raw strength. When travelling, she typically wears dark leather armor, but it is accented with bright colors as befitting her Vistani heritage.

In combat she wields a pair of fine steel scimitars with deadly precision.


Melantha entered the lands of Kalidnay with her friends Evan and Kira Javed on a quest for Evan to uncover powerful magic. She and Kira became captured, along with the vampire Kazandra by the lands ruler Thakok-An during an encounter with her powerful half-giant guards. Sentenced to die in an arena match, she was rescued by a group of adventurers led by Kelvor

Kazandra led Kira and Melantha, in an uneasy alliance, to find Evan and participated in a climatic battle against Thakok-An herself, eventually defeating the templar. With Thakok-An’s defeat the land of Kaldinay was swallowed by the Mists.


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