Li-Am (deceased)

Human Warlock (Gloom Pact Hexblade)


Li-Am appears to be a human from Kalidnay. He is soft spoken, yet charming and eloquent when he speaks. He radiates power to those who know what to look for, that is, if he let’s them see. It is difficult to tell if his power is psionic or arcane in nature, since he always seems to mask it’s origins through the use of obfuscation.

His weapon is a spectral flail; a long handled rod connected by chain to a spiked ball, made purely of energy, that is truly terrifying to behold.

Li-Am seems very friendly to those who earn his friendship, but those who fail in that endeavor may well look to avoid him in the dark of the night.


Li-Am is something of a mystery. He doesn’t deny working with Thakok-An for Kalid-Ma, but when found by the Gwyn and her allies he was in the company of the unimpeachable Kezmit actively engaged in battle against the forces of Thakok-An. Li-Am took an active role in the battle, personally racking up the kills of sorcerer-king’s minions, including three of Thakok-An’s most trusted lieutenants. Perhaps he was given advance warning of the impending doom of his previous patron, or his heart was turned by the compassion shown to him by his new colleagues, or maybe there is another reason? Li-Am alone knows, and he isn’t telling anyone.

He dreams of moving quickly and in style from place to place aboard a lavish wooshwagon which he’ll let his friends aboard, for a modest fee.

Li-Am has had many adventures, in which he…

  • helped to defeat the Templar Thakok-An subsequently destroy the Kalidnay in the Gray.
  • survived the city of Moil in his attempt to escape the Gray by using the Shadow Gate.
  • failed to prevent the transformation of Abalach-Re into a dragon queen.
  • returned to life as the high templar of Kalid-Ma in Tyr.

Li-Am (deceased)

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