Human Battlemind


Kelvor is a man that walks with confidence of someone who is well trained to defend themselves and others. He wears loose cloth over his scorpion scale armor in order to not draw attention to himself. His scimitar and shield are always ready in case of trouble. His travelling clothes are usually drawn up over his head.


Kelvor has embraced the life of a mercenary, willing to hire himself on for the right price. Unlike many of his profession, he does consider the consequences of the jobs he takes. He speaks little about his past and deflects any questions about his training in the art of the Way. Kelvor eventually joined forces with a group of adventurers calling themselves Obsidian Storm.

Kelvor has had many adventures, in which he…

  • helped to discover the Lost Cistern of Aravek to secure a new source of water for Tyr and it’s army.
  • was instrumental in helping to rally to factions of Tyr against the invading army of Urik.
  • helped to free the village of Kled from the occupying army of Urik.
  • helped establish the protection of the newly planted Tree of Life by organizing the dwarves and instructing them in the Way.


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