Human Vampire


Lady Kazandra is an alluring beauty who wears clinging, scarlet gowns of crushed velvet that complement her auburn hair. Her skin is very pale and her right eye is an intense green. Lady Kazandra’s charms are only enhanced by the mystery of her left eye, kept hidden behind a leather eye patch. Kazandra is immensely charismatic, exuding energy and confidence at every turn.

In combat her true nature as a vampire reveals itself and her fangs become very pronounced.


Kazandra entered the lands of Kalidnay when she followed Evan and his companions Melantha and Kira there. She became captured by the lands ruler Thakok-An after she prevented Evan’s capture. Sentenced to die in an arena match, she was rescued by a group of adventurers led by Morg.

Kazandra led Kira and Melantha, in an uneasy alliance, to find Evan and participated in a climatic battle against Thakok-An herself, eventually defeating the templar. With Thakok-An’s defeat the land of Kaldinay was swallowed by the Mists.


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