Jax (deceased)

Female Changeling Bard (College of Whispers)


Nobody, except possibly her husband Daqiq, knows what Jax really looks like. Her appearance changes based on needs and emotions. Those few that she is close to will usually be able to identify her, unless she does not wish it.

Underneath the fine robes that she normally wears she is protected by a suit of studded leather armor.

She wields two of the Swords of Tyr and often sings during combat.


Jax has had many adventures where she…

  • helped uncover knowledge from the library in Moil about Dregoth’s plans for godhood.
  • returned to life by Banoc Ma’an before escaping the Realm of the Dead Gods.
  • assassinated Darian Haraxes to avenge the eradication of the Veiled Alliance in Balic.
  • traveled to the island of Mytilene where she helped recover the Dark Lens from the giants living there.
  • participated in the restoration of Ul-Athra.
  • helped establish a new headquarters for the Veiled Alliance in Tyr.
  • slain by Andropinis

Jax (deceased)

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