Hamadryad Wizard (Witch of the Full Moon)


Elleandra appears to be a human in her twenties, with pale skin and long flowing black hair. However, she is a Hamadryad from the Lands Within the Wind, an incarnate spirit of a great tree. She is part flesh, part wood and part fey spirit. To most humanoids, she is physically beautiful and an idyllic paragon of fey perfection. Her beauty can spellbind mortals with ease and, when needed, she can draw upon fey magic and strength to thwart her foes.

She normally wears a flowing dress of shimmering blue silk and is adorned with simple, yet elegant, jewelry made of metal, stone and wood. She carries the Skull of Dorag Thel and a wand when in combat.

She is accompanied by her companion, Cleo, a fox – a creature unseen in Athas for thousands of years.


Elleandra and her mothers had guarded an old tree in her homeland for thousands of years. In her youth she often enjoyed joyful games of secrets and whispers and even traveled out of the Lands Within the Winds, to a world called Athas by its inhabitants, from time to time. As the years passed Athas has become less and less hospitable and it has been several centuries since her last visit.

Elleandra is trained in an ancient practice of withcraft that is part ritual, part mystery and part religion. She is a member of the Full Moon Coven and believes in the sanctity of life and the capacity of pure beauty to enchant the eye. Her magic is used to beguile, charm and inspire.

The collapse of her world has brought her into closer contact with the other inhabitants and although she has little interest in most of them, she has good relations with the Eladrin.

Not long ago, tragedy struck and her tree finally surrendered to the long years. Although she despaired for a time, she worked her way through the trauma, nurtured by a unshakable feeling that part of the tree lived on still. With the death of her tree, a darkness has crept into her world, nothing that she can see, only a presence that she feels. She has resolved to put aside her grief and venture forth intent on protecting her lands from whatever it is that has entered them.

Elleandra has had many adventures in which she…

  • helped destroy the Fey Engine in the Garden of Graves that was draining energy from the Lands Within the Wind. She got old and ugly for a while, but then got better, thanks to Gwyn.
  • helped to free the village of Kled from the occupying army of Urik.
  • bonded with a Tree of Life that was planted in the ruins of Kemalok, becoming the first hamadryad of Athas since the time of the Cleansing Wars.
  • survived the city of Moil in her attempt to escape the Gray by using the Shadow Gate.
  • helped rescue Morg from Marisol in Shadow Kalidnay and returned herself and her allies to Athas.
  • failed to prevent the transformation of Abalach-Re into a dragon queen.
  • helped restore the sorcerer-king Nibenay to power following the cataclysm that damaged that city.
  • was slain by Nibenay.


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