Daqiq Sahm (exiled)

Male Human Rogue (Assassin)


Daqiq wears dark clothing most of the time so he can better blend into the shadows and stalk his prey. He rarely lets his true features be seen by anyone other than his closest allies.

When fighting he uses a bow or crossbow to strike at his enemies with deadly precision.


Daqiq has had many adventures where he…

  • helped uncover knowledge from the library in Moil about Dregoth’s plans for godhood.
  • destroyed the Astral Engine of Dregoth and escaped the Realm of the Dead Gods.
  • assassinated Darian Haraxes to avenge the eradication of the Veiled Alliance in Balic.
  • traveled to the island of Mytilene where he helped recover the Dark Lens from the giants living there.
  • participated in the restoration of Ul-Athra.
  • helped establish a new headquarters for the Veiled Alliance in Tyr.
  • confronted Nibeany and learned more history of Athas and Rajaat.
  • defeated Ul-Athra and Ehwahla in Balic.
  • killed by Ehwahla
  • killed by Andropinis
  • exiled from Athas to search the Gray for Jax

Daqiq Sahm (exiled)

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